Friday, 1 July 2011

Is it just chance?

It is the second day after my ERPC and I am in a very different place to where I was two days after my first miscarriage. Last time I was upset at the delay to getting a new baby this time I am just feeling very bleak. Very sad. I am wondering what is the point - if I get pregnant again won't I just miscarry again?

If the chance of miscarriage for my age range is 15% the chance of two consecutive miscarriages is just 2%. That statistic shocked me. Am I really that unlucky? Pprom / Stillbirth must be a less than 1% chance and then two miscarriages at 2% chance... Of course that is my fear maybe it is not that I am unlucky maybe there is an underlying factor causing me to miscarry.

I am not saying I am giving up but my hope is dwindling right now. After the first miscarrage I found myself calculating in my head things like:

Time before I can ttc again: 1 month
Time to ttc: 3 months
Time of pregnancy: 9 months
So time to new baby = 1 year 1 month.

Now my calculation is this:

Time before I can ttc again: 1 month
Time to ttc: 3 months
Time of pregnancy: 3 months
So time to next ERPC = 7 months

If my chance of first trimester miscarriage really is 15% then the chance of three consecutive miscarriages is 0.34%. Assuming it is a chance problem with no other factors involved. Even if my chance is as high as 25% the chance of 3 miscarriages in a row is about 1.5%. That is low.

Hoping my optimism will return soon. And happiness - I would love to be happy again.



  1. I am sorry to hear this news. I wish doctors could detect where the chances of miscarriage come from - I am including myself too. It's discouraging and you have been through a roller coaster before Orson's one year. Thinking of you...

  2. well i understand how u feel i jus miscarried my 3rd baby this one at 19 weeks, the last one at 23 weeks and the first one at 16 weeks :(.... I really d want to get pregnant again but im also scared to set myself up for another disappointment i keep telling myself that my soul is tired but deep down inside my heart tells me not to give up my babies would be 4yrs,2yrs,and 1 week if they would have survived. im not sure i can take another loss but i have to keep trying maybe by the grace of god my 4th time will be a winner anyway just stay prayed up.