Saturday, 26 November 2011

Many Worlds Theory

Pandatolife at Tiny Glimmers wrote this post about alternate realities recently. It was nice to read as I had been thinking about a similar concept back in August after I watched the film Source Code with S.

Source Code is about alternate realities. After I finished watching it I said to S that it made no sense (I still think it made no sense). S has a theoretical physics phd and informed me the basis of the film is a mainstream theoretical physics theory called the Many Worlds Theory.

Some people think the many worlds theory could actually be correct. The website How Stuff Works explains the theory in more detail but here is a bit of what they say:

"As unsettling as it may sound, Everett's Many-Worlds interpretation has implications beyond the quantum level. If an action has more than one possible outcome, then -- if Everett's theory is correct -- the universe splits when that action is taken. This holds true even when a person chooses not to take an action.

This means that if you have ever found yourself in a situation where death was a possible outcome, then in a universe parallel to ours, you are dead."

When I heard this a few months back I burst into tears. Why? Well probably the wine I had consumed didn't help but there was another reason. If the theory is correct then there is another universe where Orson is alive. I am embarrassed to say it took me a while to get a grip and realise that I was being ridiculous. Firstly I do not believe the theory is correct. And secondly even if there is another universe out there where Orson lives it makes no difference - I am here in this universe where he is dead.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Results: Unlucky

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You may recall back in September I wrote a post saying that I had finally been tested for everything recurrent miscarriage related? Well I have finally got the results.

I have to admit I was hoping that they would find something wrong that was easily correctable. Something that explained losing Orson and both miscarriages. Of course no magic explanation exists and I knew that that 50% of the time the results all come back normal even when things clearly are not normal (so the miscarriages keep happening even with normal results).

So I expected my results would probably be normal. I was correct. I'm normal. Both me and S had completely normal chromosome results, my barrage of thrombophilia  tests were normal and my antibodies are fine too.

So what does this mean?

Well as you already know a sample of pregancy tissue from my June miscarriage was sent off for tests and they came back positive for Trisomy 22. Trisomy 22 pretty much always results in miscarriage. The Doctor today said that women who have one Trisomy 22 pregnancy have an increased chance of another Trisomy pregnancy, and in my case that would probably be a Trisomy 22 pregnancy. I was reassured that the chance of that happening is low, the chances of a normal pregnancy are much higher. I do like my statistics so asked about the chance she guessed that where the chance is normally 1% with me it is 5%. Although another Trimsomy is most likely to occur with chromosome 22 it could happen on any so early in pregnancy I would be offered all the Trisomy screening tests.

So for now we just keep trying to get pregnant and hope our luck improves. If I get pregnant I need to  take asprin (just in case) and take the normal dose of folic acid (I asked about a higher dose and was told it is not needed). I was reassured that I just need to phone the hospital early on in a new pregnancy and they will get me seen and scanned before 12 weeks.

Of course I still have to get pregnant. It has never taken us so long. I am beginning to doubt it will ever happen, but I will save those doubts and worries for another post.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of posts again. I am still here but just not posting much. Wish I could say it was because I am incredibly busy with loads of exciting things happening but that is not the case. Equally nothing terrible is happening either. Things are the same, time passes and little changes.

Will post something new soon.