Thursday, 29 September 2011

I've been tested!

l have finally had some recurrent miscarriage tests!

I have been tested for everything the Consultant could think of (relating to miscarriage) and both me and S are being tested for chromosomal problems. They are also getting samples from the placentas looked at again.

The consultant thinks possibly I have a tendency to have placental problems (as indicated by miscarriages, M's growth problems towards the end of his pregnancy and possibly Orson's pPROM). Possibly my bicornuate uterus is linked to pPROM (cervix problems) and growth problems but not the first trimester miscarriages.

I will have another appointment in a few weeks. I have been told to take folic acid and vitamins and if I get a positive pregnancy test to take low dose aspirin as it will do no harm and might help. I was given loads of printed research on miscarriage too which was nice.

I don't care care what the tests show right now I am just really pleased to finally have them.

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  1. that is good news... i hope it brings some sigh of relief to have the answers.