Sunday, 9 October 2011

Not this week.

I find it easiest to remember the sad times. I concentrate on them and forget about the ordinary moments that are the happy times. But not this week.

Day one: A meal out with S (with M at home with my parents) followed by a drink in a pub.

Day two: Breakfast out with S, M and my parents followed by a long walk with S and M enjoying the unusual sunshine and autumn leaves.

Day three: Sitting on a picnic blanket with M in the sunshine reading him books.

Day four: Meeting S for coffee after work, just before picking M up from nursery.

Day five: M running up to me whilst I am on my lunch break at work. He was delighted to see me and tell me about his bus ride with S to meet me.

Day six: Looking at the fish in the aquarium with M.

Day seven: Picking M up from nursery and hearing his teacher tell me how he had been able to recognise all the letters of the alphabet that day and how impressed she was to see him write his name on the board.

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