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Since I created this blog I have been looking at lots of other pPROM blogs for inspiration. On my blogroll you can see my current favourate pPROM blogs but below you will find links to many other pPROM blogs I have found (in no particular order). If you would like me to add your blog to this list please e-mail me at

This page is currently being updated to include more information about the blogs I list, if I add something about your blog and it is incorrect or that you are unhappy with please let me know so that I can correct it. If you want me to add more or less information about your blog again please contact me and let me know. Thanks.

pPROM loss blogs:

Try, try again (Mallory Evelyn was born on 13/10/10 after pPROM at 21 weeks. She was 25 weeks and 5 days. She died on 18/10/10)

Waiting for my rainbow (Shanna lost Holden at 14 weeks on 19/11/09 and Parker at 13 weeks on 24/4/10)

Riding the waves of time (Alice lost Bobby on 3/7/09 after pPROM on 15/6/09 at 20 weeks)

Disco knitter (Lara had pPROM at 15 weeks with twins. She lost Aubrey Michael not long after pPROM and Archamides Hare was born at 27 weeks on 5/11/10 and died on 6/11/10)

After Jillian (Also a pregnancy after pPROM blog. Jillian was born after pPROM on 5/12/09 at 24 weeks and 3 days, she died on 10/12/09)

Almost a Mother (Also a pregnancy after pPROM blog. Twins Aiden and Sophie were born on April 13th 2009 two weeks after pPROM at21 weeks and 3 days. Sophie died that day and Aiden died the following day. Christy gave birth to Avery in June 2010 in a non pPROM pregnancy.)

This Girl will Never be the Same (Also a pregnancy after pPROM blog. Amanda has lost two sons, Rowan and Levi. Levi was born at 19 weeks after pPROM at 17 weeks.)

Loving Audrey (Michelle lost Audrey after she was born at 25 weeks following pPROM in 2009)

My Sweet Kenny (Kenny was stillborn at 25 weeks following pPROM, Julie tells her story on this blog)

Aiden Baby of Mine (Also a pregnancy after pPROM blog. Emily lost her son Aidan at 23 weeks + 4 days following pPROM. She is currently pregnant again and has sadly suffered another pPROM)

Heart in the Clouds (Lara lost her son Caleb Anthony in April 2010 following pPROM. He was 19 weeks.)

KristenRoss (Kristin lost her son Mason following pPROM in June 2010)

Hot Mama Bear's Premature Delivery (Lisa suffered infertility, baby loss due to pPROM and has since had a new baby. Her journey started 6 years ago. Also a pregnancy after pPROM Blog)

Journey of loss, Hope and Faith (Patty's daughter Josephine died in October 2009 following pPROM. Follow her story on this blog)

Life is a Journey  (Jodiet is the mother of 4 boys, however one died following TTTS and pPROM.)

Losing Sylvia (Sylvia was born at 20 weeks following pPROM on 9th July 2010)

Natelie Evelyn  (Natelie was born in April 2010 following pPROM. Sadly she died at six months old.)

Mueller Triplets  (The Mueller triplets were born at around 23 weeks in June 2010 following pPROM.)

Hole in her soul (Leslie's son Dexter died shortly after birth in March 2009.)

love is eternal (This blogger posts about her life following loss of her daughter Paige at 28 weeks in October 2010 following pPROM at 17 weeks)

pPROM success blogs:

Our Journey (Carrie's son Gabriel was born two days after pPROM at 33 weeks and 6 days in 2009. Gabriel was her first child and she has subsequently had two children and she did not experience pPROM in either pregnancy.)

Elle's Guide to Life
(Bennett Steven was born 10 weeks premature after Elle's water broke at 24 weeks of pregnancy. Read more about Bennett at

Musings on hope

Little One

Team Baby Axtell

Baby Tjader's Journey

Crane Love

Josh and Ambers Miracle Miss Brielle

My High Risk Pregnancy see also Superboy Clark

The Spohrs are Multiplying

Micro Mom

McDonald's Miracles 

Life of a pPROM Queen

Andrew and Lauren's Blog

Miracles happen

Pregnancy after pPROM blogs:

Rainbow After The Storm

Sunshine and Seahorses

This Momma's Journey

This Moment is my Life

Lauren's Blog

Baby H take two

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