Friday, 8 July 2011


Had he survived Orson would have been one year old tomorrow.

Not sure what we will do tomorrow yet. What on earth is an appropriate thing to do to commemorate your son's death? I think there is nothing appropriate.

I have found myself re-reading my "For Orson" page today. My memories of Orson are all listed there. All written a long time ago shortly after Orson's death. I was scared I would forget if I didn't write everything down. Indeed some of the memories had slipped my mind so I am glad I have this record of them to jog my memory.

I tried to look through the list of memories to pick one that stands out and I cannot. They are all important to me.

I miss him.


  1. Beautiful handprints and footprints....

  2. Perhaps you are already doing the most appropriate thing for Orson's birthday. Remembering.


  3. i LOVE that you have these prints. We also have some from our 2nd lost little one. I look at them daily...they make me smile. It's beautiful.