Saturday, 16 July 2011

Happy Birthday

I have lots to tell you all. Lots of post ideas but this post is all about birthdays.

It is birthday time, literal birthday time.

A friend gave birth to her daughter at 38 weeks this week. This is just over a year after her first child, Matilda died following pPROM. She had a non pPROM pregnancy this time around. I don't want to mention her name or her new daughter's name just in case she doesn't want it mentioned on the internet. But I am incredibly happy that her little girl is safe and well. Welcome to the world Matilda's little sister.

And also this week Emily from Aidan, baby of mine gave birth to Kaia. Emily lost Aidan following pPROM last year and again suffered pPROM in her pregnancy with Kaia. But little Kaia defied the odds and was born at roughly 32 weeks and is now just over a week old. She is still in the NICU. I'm wishing her a short uneventful NICU stay and I'm hoping she is home with her parents really soon.

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