Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 4 - A book I enjoyed reading

Every day this week I am discussing something trivial that has made me happy since I lost Orson. To see why go to my post on 8th October 2010. Today I will pick a book I enjoyed reading.
I have a problem.

A silly one considering I chose this list myself. I haven't really read a book since I lost Orson. Not a whole one. Not one for adults anyway. I was going to pick an audiobook but technically that is not reading. So a children's book it is!
Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Nevill Astley. Watch at Five on Demand image taken from Five on Demand.

I choose Peppa Pig, more specifically "The story of Peppa Pig" created by Mark Baker and Nevill Astley, published by Ladybird Books Ltd 2010. Before I go any further I wish to point out that I haven't been sitting around reading Peppa Pig books for my own enjoyment I have in fact been reading them to M.

M is a huge Peppa Pig fan. He loves the cartoons. At first I didn't like them (a family of pigs doing human things....?) but now I have been converted into a fan. Admittedly not such a huge fan as M or any of his Nursery friends. I like how M actually learns by watching the cartoons. He learns about all sorts of things that we haven't told him about yet such as rainbows and dentists. As far as he is concerned the books are not quite as good as the TV shows but they are almost as good. And because M loves them I too love them.

So "The story of Peppa Pig" gets my vote.

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