Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Need to be more positive (29 weeks pregnant and no amniotic fluid left)

I'm okay, not having a positive day today though... Hopefully because I'm tired and tomorrow will be better.

I'll be 30 weeks on Thursday. I went to the hospital for tests etc today. My blood tests still show no sign of infection which is great. No idea on my swab results the staff are constantly failing to get the computer system to show them the results, but hopefully they are ok. The baby's heart trace was ok considering his situation.

Had a growth scan and the baby has grown as he should, he's following the 50th percentile nicely and they estimate he weighs 3oz something. Sadly the fluid level around him is worse. There is now no fluid at all left. He still makes it but it just leaks out immediately. Apparently that means higher chances of physical problems (his feet are already turning inwards), that doesn't concern me too much as I know they can do a lot to correct most problems like that. What does really scare me is cord compression, because there is no fluid the cord is more likely to get compressed and the baby is more likely to be deprived of oxygen... I've heard lots of horror stories about stillbirth related to this.

The Consultant today reckoned the risk of problems if the baby is delivered now is higher than the risk of problems if I continue as I am. So that's what I'm doing (not that I have any choice!). If nothing changes I go to have blood tests and a trace again Friday. I then see my consultant (not the one I saw today) again Monday. Not sure why I think just because that is the only appointment she has free until August which is a bit late for me probably! The next growth scan is in two weeks.

So things are ok. Got to make an effort to be positive and hope for the best. Hopefully everything will be ok for the next few weeks.

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