Wednesday, 23 June 2010

28 weeks and still pregnant

I'm still pregnant, now 28 weeks and 5 days. Last week was ok. Monday the growth scan showed the baby is still growing and about 4 cm of amniotic fluid (my AFI). I had more steroids thursday and Friday as the consultant reckoned the risk of a second dose was less than the risk to the baby's lungs if we didn't have them. By Thursday my AFI had halved and was about 2.5cm. I got a slight UTI infection and was put on antibiotics, but now off them.

Thursday was good after all the tests were finished. A neonatologist told us we were too pessimistic and said although the baby doesn't have as much chance as a normal baby born at 28 weeks he has a little more than we thought. He also explained the process that will happen if he is born alive. We have to hope they whisk him away after resuscitating him. If they ask us to hold him that means they can't do anything for him.

Saturday night I started bleeding again and passed a dark clot and ended up calling the hospital sunday morning. They admitted me and I've only just got home. There wasn't one thing in particular they were concerned with but lots of little things. First they thought the bleeding could be a sign labour was about to start, but a sterile speculum exam proved otherwise. Then they were concerned my heart rate and temperature were too high, but they went down. After that the baby's heart rate decelerated when they monitored it. Later traces have been fine though. Finally last night as I was about to be let home my heart rate and temperature went up again! I have been fine today and have felt perfectly fit the whole time.

Not sure how long I'll be out of hospital now though, the doctor said he thinks I'll be back soon! Glad to be home. I was in the same ward I was in after having my first son. I don't like being around all the happy new mothers and their babies. Or even the few antinatal patients they have who are very concerned about the such small things to do with their pregnancies - I'd gladly swap with them. I had one in the bed next to me who told me she was 36 weeks pregnant and they thought she might be getting pre-eclampsia. She didn't want her baby yet because she was worried about his lungs... Wish that was me.

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