Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ramblings of a pPROM Mum

Yesterday my main concern was lack of movements from the baby. Felt some movement but not a lot. Not regular repetitive kicks etc. I worry I won't pick up lack of movement because of distress in time for anyone to help him. I feel no pain though. That is good. The day before yesterday I had achy period like pain from lunchtime until bedtime. Tried sleeping and paracetamol but the pain continued. I did feel the baby move more that day so maybe there is a correlation there?

M is in Nursery. Love him loads. He is amazing, so precious. This pregnancy makes me think I was very lucky to have him.

I am feeling okay today.

Hospital appointment this morning. They did a scan. Could only find 2 pockets of amniotic fluid, but at least there was some. Should be 4 pockets.... Took blood, did swab. All results from last time are okay. No strep b or Candida - yet. I have had both of these since my waters broke. I had my first trace, baby's heart was okay roughly 140 beats per minute. Felt him move a bit today.

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