Friday, 26 November 2010


I want to be telepathic. I know all the science fiction stories reckon telepathy has down sides but it would certainly be useful. For example in the following situation which occurred earlier today whilst at work:

I was making myself a drink (yes that is my poor excuse for the photo) in the kitchen at work when a women who I know to say hello to only walked in. She doesn't work in my section and to be honest I am not entirely sure what she does or what her name is but I have chatted to her many times. I saw her for the first time since I came back to work today.

Women: "Hi, when did you get back?"

Me: "Last week."

Women: "How is it going?"

Me: "Oh, well ok, not too bad" (sounding glum)

At this point I think that somebody must have told her my situation. However I still would have appreciated a bit of telepathy.

Women: "Were you off for a year?"

Me: "No, six months"

Women: "The time went quick"

Now I am wondering if she knows after all. So I try and leave the kitchen with my drink. Better not to know.

Women: "Bet you feel like a different person now?"

Me: "Yes"

Now I really think she doesn't know but still am not entirely sure. This is where being telepathic would come in handy. Maybe she does know, after all I do feel like a different person?

Now I am at the doorway about to leave.

Women: "The trick is marrying up the person you are now with who you were before."

Me: "Yes"

By this point I really do not think she knows. But on the other hand I really couldn't say for sure. Maybe she is simply being philosophical or something? After all she didn't do what everybody normally does - she didn't ask about a baby. Being telepathic would have been very useful.

Still I was not taking the chance and just left heading in the opposite direction as quickly as I could. If she was just making idle chat I doubt very much she really wanted to know my story. Plus, more importantly it might be upsetting for me having to tell it.

So what do you think? Did she know?


  1. Hmmm, not really sure the stuff she was saying didn't really make sense if she knew about Orson. I wouldn't expect anyone being so blunt about it( the sentence about marrying the person you were and are now). I think she would say at least that she's sorry.
    I fled quite a few situations like that. It's not easy.

  2. It's just better if they share their own stories of loss (losing a husband, adult child, etc) first then it would make sense if she is saying it out of her own experience. It sounds like an "unsolicited" advice if she did know. I am confused about marrying the person sentence too - very deep and strange. I had a problem with an older woman in her 60s or older whom I didn't speak to much at work but apparently she heard my story. She was consoling me after 3 months of being back to work and she was saying it so LOUD as if I wanted the whole school of kids and parents to hear. I thanked her and quickly left... I can laugh about it now!