Thursday, 16 September 2010

Submitting my pPROM story to Kanelen

I am submitting my story to Kanalen. Here is my submission. Please see the Kanalen website for my story and that of others.

Problems with my second pregnancy started at just six weeks when I started bleeding. I was told it was implantation bleeding. I bled for about three days. A week later I started bleeding again, much heavier than a normal period. I had an ultrasound scan and was told I had a large area of haemorrhage. I have a bicornuate uterus and the bleeding was coming from the opposite horn of my uterus to where the baby had implanted. After two or three days the bleeding stopped and a week later it started again. I was told to expect to bleed again but didn't.

My pregnancy carried on and at 19 weeks I had an ultrasound. Everything looked great. I found out I was having a boy. I was told everything would probably be fine with the pregnancy.

Two weeks later at 21 weeks and a day my waters broke. At first it was a few little gushes and then overnight whilst in hospital I ruptured completely soaking my clothes and the sheets. I was told to expect to miscarry. I would go into labour in the next three days. When I didn't I was sent home from hospital and given an appointment at the hospital to see a Fetal Medicine Consultant. I was advised to rest, going from the sofa to bed etc.

I had no symptoms of an infection and because I had already carried a baby to term they did not think I had an incompetent cervix. They do not know why I pPROM'd but bleeding and having a bicornuate uterus are known risk factors for pPROM.

The Fetal Medicine Consultant scanned us and didn't give us much hope. I had less than 1.5cm amniotic fluid in the deepest pocket. He said 2cm or more between 18 and 24 weeks is needed to guarantee lung development and so our son might not be able to breathe at birth. He said there was also a high chance I would give birth around the cusp of viability and our son would have severe disabilities. He offered us termination. However he said there was a less than 10% chance of having a healthy baby. We decided to take that chance.

I was seen by my local hospital (in the UK) twice a week for blood tests to check for infection, once a week for a swab and every other week for a growth scan. From 28 weeks my son's heart rate was monitored on a ctg twice a week too. My AFI was measured at every appointment. The highest measurement was 4cm the lowest zero. I never had more than two pockets of fluid.

I had steroids at 24 weeks and 28 weeks. At one point I had a symptomless UTI which was treated successfully with antibiotics. I was also treated for a symptomless Candida infection at one point too.

I had many scares, from 22 weeks onwards my fluid loss would turn pink at least once a week. At 28 weeks I passed a blood clot and was admitted to hospital for a few days. A week later I had no fluid left around my son at all. I never accumulated any after that. My son started having decelerations on the ctgs.

I went into labour at 31 weeks and a day, a Friday. The Monday before I had a show. The next day I passed a second bright red blood clot. On the Wednesday I was worried about my baby's movements, the hospital did a ctg and he had a long deceleration. However the day before he was born all was well.

I didn't realise I was in labour initially. I was getting mild pains which came in waves but it didn't feel like contractions. I was at the hospital and during a scan the midwife realised I was in labour. By this time the pain became extremely bad and almost constant. I started feeling nauseous and dizzy too. My baby had a heart beat during the scan but in the 10 minutes or so it took me to get to the Labour and Delivery Ward his heart stopped.

My son was lying transverse, he had been from the time I ruptured. If he had lived I would have had to have had a c-section but they were able to manually move him so I could deliver vaginally. I developed signs of infection during labour and was in hospital for four nights after the birth on IV antibiotics. I had a Staph infection.

They do not know why my son died. I may have had the infection before labour or it could have been cord compression or just stress due to labour, prematurity or lack of amniotic fluid for so long. He looked perfect and weighed 4 lb 11 oz. We called him Orson. I do not regret my decision to continue with my pregnancy.

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