Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I'm frustrated. So sorry this is going to be another post where I complain a lot.

I have all of the normal little problems that women get after giving birth but do not have the baby. And it is making me fed up.

Problem One. I do not have that sleek slim body I once had.

Okay admittedly it was years ago that I had that body but I want it back now. And I would like not to have to work at it. I don't want to exercise and I want to be able to eat lots of chocolate and cake.

I know that realistically after just 10 weeks after birth most women do not have a slim figure especially those that do not exercise but still it is a problem.

Problem Two. My hair is falling out.

That makes my situation sound more dramatic than it is. Nobody can tell my hair is falling out. It looks the same as it always had but I am noticing lots of extra hair falling out all of the time. I know this is normal. Relating to the changing hormones. I had this after my pregnancy with M. My hair didn't visibly look thin but I just had to pick a lot more hair off my clothes. It is the same this time.

I am fed up of having to pick hair of my clothes. I want my hair to be normal again.

Problem Three. It's a girlhood thing.

This final problem is one I am not entirely comfortable talking about but I am going to anyway. It is something that forums would say fits in the TMI categories... Periods.

Despite my GP assuring me that my lochia (as if using a posh name for it makes it easier to write about...) would be over quickly, it was not. It took a full seven weeks before it was gone. And my first period lasted longer than normal. To top it all I have been getting spotting as well.

I am fed up with sanitary towels etc. I had to wear them for almost my entire pregnancy and now I have to continue to fund this industry. How I wish I bought shares in a sanitary towel company back in January...

It is probably just hormones again. I will discuss it with my GP when I have my postnatal check. But it makes me fed up.

All of these problems are minor but are starting to make very frustrated and fed up. As I  have continually said throughout this post. I think ny woman after having a baby gets fed up with similar if not the exact same problems. I know I did after I had M. But the difference is then I had a new born baby to distract me. I had other women in postnatal groups going through the exact same problems. We cooked complain to each other.

I could join a support group like SANDs and share my troubles with other women who have experienced the loss of a baby. But I don't want to. I just want to be normal again.

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  1. I saw your name at my blog. I don't know if you joined the Kanalen PROM email list or digest list. I'm sorry that you are raw with the pain of losing Orson. I remember that the first six months of grieving were the hardest... I joined a local support group but every person has the right to grieve in their own way. This is your blog so complain all you want because you're grieving... Sending hugs and prayers to you, PL