Friday, 7 May 2010

Fetal medicine consultant

Today we saw a Fetal Medicine Consultant. He did a detailed ultrasound scan and told us all the facts about what has happened to us. I have what is known as premature preterm rupture of the membranes (pPROM). Normally when this happens women go into labour within three days of rupture. However when they don't they can carry on the pregnancy for days or weeks before they go into labour.

He did a scan. He was looking at the level of amniotic fluid left around our son. He said they look for a deepest measurable pocket of 2cm or above and I didn't have that. I had about 1.5cm. He said that lung development goes through a critical stage between 18 and 24 weeks and fluid is needed during this time. If there is 2cm or more lungs should be ok. So our son's lungs are unlikely to function. He did say because we had fluid for part of the period the lungs might be ok. There is no way to tell until birth.

He gave us the option of termination. He agreed to see us in a few days to think about it. He explained it is likely I will go into labour sooner rather than later and so as well as lung issues our son would have prematurity issues. Cerabal palsy is highly likely if we deliver around the cusp of viability (24 weeks).

In the meantime I am to take my temperature regularly during the day. I will go to the day assessment clinic at the hospital twice a week. They will take blood samples and check my white blood cell levels and crb levels, if they go up it could be a sign I have an infection. Once a week I to have lower vaginal swabs again to check for infection. Twice a week they will also check the heartbeat and do the normal pregnancy checks of blood pressure and urine.

The consultant told me not to have baths, just wash with water, no trousers, cotton underwear, change sanitary pads regularly.

So have to rest, not moving around much. We are going back Tuesday to discuss what we want to do.

It is so awful I cannot imagine what to do or how to cope. We are so close to 24 weeks and a little hope, 13 days away... On the day after my waters broke I had 6cm fluid now just 1.5cm.

Below is a link to a leaflet on pPROM  aimed at women who's waters have just broken:

RCOG pPROM Leaflet

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