Tuesday, 4 May 2010

21 weeks pregnant and waiting to lose my baby

I got out of hospital today. I spent 4 nights there waiting to lose my baby. But I am still pregnant, 21 weeks and 5 days today. Here is what happened in hospital.

Early Saturday I called my mother. We were supposed to be meeting my parents later that day. We were going away to the coast of Doset for the bank holiday weekend. My parents staying in their caravan and me, S and M staying in a self catering cottage. My grandmother was also going to be there.

I told my Mum I was in hospital and cried a lot. I couldn't get the words out. Some how she understood and said she and my Dad would come to look after M. I thought that I would be in labour any minute and wanted S with me. Later my parents, M and S were all at the hospital with me. It was an odd almost cheery experience. S was there with me again that evening and stayed until around 9. Saturday came and went and nothing happened.

They did scan me on the Saturday at my request. The doctor had said it was pointless but did it any way. I had around 6cm of fluid.

Nothing happened on Sunday either. The doctor said that I would be able to go home if nothing happened on the Monday. Essentially to wait to miscarry. S was at the hospital whilst he went through everything. But the following day I saw a new consultant. She wanted me to stay another day. I was upset. I wanted to go home.

Finally after a long wait I was allowed home around lunchtime today. I have to take my temperature a lot. Call if it goes above about 37 degrees. Call if my fluid loss smells, goes yellow or green. If I get intense pain or bleeding. If I feel flu like symptoms I should also call.

Because I have gone so many days without infection they now do not know precisely what will happen. The most likely scenario is I will either go into labour or be induced because of infection and my baby will be too young to survive. They won't be able to help him.

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