Friday, 21 May 2010

Steroids and a little scare

So it has all been happening.

I am 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Made it to viability, if our son is born now he will be registered. We are thinking of a name for him.

I had my first round of steroids yesterday. Everybody said it would be a painful injection in my buttocks. In actual fact it wasn't painful and was in the very top of my thigh. The appointment took ages because they did all the tests they would normally do today yesterday.

Today was supposed to be a quick in and out appointment. But no of course it didn't work out like that. I started to lose pink/red fluid. Diluted blood. I was sent to Labour and Delivery where the wait seemed endless. They did everything they would normally do in Day Assessment only with more waiting. I also had to wait until my blood results came back... hours later they let me go home as all was well.

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