Monday, 5 July 2010

30 weeks pregnant & had a show

I had another hospital appointment today. I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Blood tests as normal. They did a trace on the baby, all ok. They also did a scan to check fluid levels. First the midwife did it and came up with the highest fluid level I've had since my waters broke. So I asked my consultant to recheck it as I didn't believe it and I was sadly right. The midwife had been measuring pockets of cord so still no fluid.

I asked the consultant whether I should be worried about cord compression because of the lack of fluid and she just said that the baby's lung development is still far more worrying. She discussed when I should deliver assuming nothing happens before and she seems to be thinking 37 weeks in the hope that some how a bit of extra time will help with lung development. But she also said that any concerns after 34 weeks no matter how small and they will deliver. She is going to discuss this with 2 of her colleagues and let me know.

I get the impression that the most likely outcome even if I get to 37 weeks which seems unlikely is that they still won't be able to help him when he's born. It's frightening, but they just can't tell how his lungs will be until he's here.

Reading this back it seems really depressing doesn't it? But I'm actually ok. I was much more scared when I woke up this morning. Loads of blood loss in the fluid and then what the consultant reckoned could be a mucous plug/show. And to make me more scared the baby decided to pick this morning to be really quiet and not move!

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