Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Passed a clot today

I spent this morning in hospital after passing a clot. Apart from that I felt fine. They tried their best to terrify me. The midwife spent 10 minutes failing to find the baby's heart beat on a ctg monitor, then failed to find it using a sonicaid. Then called a consultant who turned up with an ultrasound machine looking very concerned. She kept asking when I last felt the baby move. After 5 minutes she couldn't find the heartbeat and went off to find someone else to look. Eventually they found it, and monitored him on the ctg for 20 minutes and all was fine. They reckon the lack of fluid and lower powered ultrasound machine made it difficult to find the heartbeat. I reckon it's that consultants just don't do ultrasounds very often!

They reckon that there is about a 5% increased chance of a further bleed and the consultant advised me to stay overnight to be observed. But I didn't feel like they did anything last time this happened when I was in hospital so didn't stay. I'm not far from the hospital (10 minute walk and i would get S to drive so it would probably be quicker) and will call/ go there with the slightest concern. The midwife said she couldn't say for certain I would make it to the hospital in time but she said that would always be the case. My main concern was if something happened whilst I was asleep but the midwife reckoned I would wake up and anyway if I was in hospital I would have to sleep and nobody would check on me during the night.

So I'm just going to watch myself extremely carefully. Hope I made the right decision!

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