Saturday, 25 June 2011


I have so many ideas yet they never become blog posts. I am going to have to start writing them down as I forget them so soon after I think of them. And when it comes to actually writing a post well it really isn't happening.

Not sure why I am so lazy about this right now. Maybe it is because it is coming up to Orson's anniversary. 9th July is fast approaching and I cannot help but think of him a lot. Maybe it is because if the weather. Honestly I think we must be skipping Summer this year. I really need some sunshine.or maybe it is just laziness.

A lot if my post ideas are fleeting. I will see an article that will inspire me. This one really shocked me, yet only enough to post it on my Facebook page for this blog, not enough to actually write a whole article.

I read so many other blogs right now. They inspire me too. I read the post and think I have to write about that but then I don't.

Hopefully things will get better. More posts will be coming soon I hope. In the mean time here is in an extract from one I found amusing recently from Mommy Odyssey ( I don't know if any of you read any pregnancy blogs, well it is really popular to use a kind of pro forma which asks questions about your pregnancy. You just post the answers once a week and you have your blog post. Lots of women who see these posts on blogs by babyloss mothers or infertile women find these posts hard to read, especially if they are not currently pregnant. I have to say I don't mind, after all I can relate to the laziness, it is hard to post new exciting ideas all the time. Anyway this one made me laugh:

"Week 50- Weekly Update

(why 50 you ask? That’s how long it’s been since my first BFP)

How far along: Well, it depends on which pregnancy. My first would be two months old about now. My second is due in two weeks. I’d be 8 weeks preggo with my third. So let’s just call this one a bust, shall we?
Size of baby: It’s a peanut! No! It’s a blueberry! No! It’s an orange! No! It’s a garbage can full of extra thick sanitary pads!
Maternity clothes?I wish. Then I’d have an excuse for the latest early pregnancy two pounds I gained. Now I just look a bit fatter than usual and with nothing to show for it.
Sleep?Not that much, since I’m waiting to see what instruments are going to be stuck up my uterus in the coming weeks.
Best moment of the week: The one day when I went into my google reader and didn’t see a single post with this ridiculous meme.

Movement: I’ve been told to start doing half hour walks to both relieve my anxiety and prep my body to actually hold a pregnancy to term. Does that count?

Symptoms: Well, I’ve got this recurrent stabbing pain in my right side, which is a constant reminder that there may be something wrong with my tubes. Other than that, it’s a sore throat and stuffy nose… Oh, right, sorry, those last two are symptoms of my COLD, not a pregnancy. Oh wait, I’m not pregnant! So I guess it’s all good.

Food cravings/aversions:I’ve been told to move to a low sugar diet to help ensure a baby sticks around next time. And I really want a hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream to comfort me while I feel endless grief and frustration. Ahh well, too bad for me!

Gender:Up until a few months ago, I would have said I wish it would be a girl. Now I don’t give a crap. Just give me a baby.

Belly button in or out:In – and will most likely remain that way for the unforeseeable future.

Stretch marks: Oh! Yeah! A bunch! But they’re mostly non-pregnancy related.

What I miss: Morning sickness. I loved living off of crackers and knowing that this meant that I had a baby growing inside of me.

How is Mommy Feeling? Bitter. Haven’t you noticed?

How is Daddy Feeling? Depressed and nihilistic. Check out his blog post from a couple of days back.

Total weight gain? About 15 pounds during the last three pregnancies. Mostly due to numbing my feelings with carbs.

What I am looking forward to: A day when this blogging meme gets wiped off the face of the earth."


  1. I could very much relate to all the comments on the 50 week update! That is right - "just give me a baby"

  2. The guardian report is incredibly shocking isn't it.