Monday, 16 May 2011

Sunshine, where are you?

Apart from all the worry, all the hospital visits, the visits from friends and family and my time on-line with a fantastic support group one of my clearest memories from this time last year - my pPROM weeks - was sunshine. It felt like every day we had fantastic weather and I couldn't go out in it. So this year I am determined to enjoy the sunshine.

I have the picnic kit ready, I have the Summary clothes for me and M and I have the sunscreen lotion but there is one big problem... I do not have the sunshine.

Maybe my memories if this time last year are incorrect. Or maybe May is just not as nice this year? But I am hoping we get some better weather soon, I am determined to make up for what I missed out on last year. So if we don't get some sunny weather soon I will have to take M on a picnic in the cold with our jackets on.

Come on sunshine, where are you?


  1. I remember hiding away last year, despite the weather. I am so glad you are taking the cockroach approach, the refuse to be brought down by the pain in our lives, and the determination to enjoy that picnic, with or without sunshine! Here's hoping that the sun pokes its head out for you very very soon!

  2. Sending warm rays your way!