Friday, 13 May 2011

M Update: Lego Star Wars

It is about time for an M update, so for a change here is a happy post:

Have you played Lego Star Wars on the Wii? We bought it because M loves games on my iPad and S's iPhone and is playing the sports games we have on the Wii. We thought this would be a fun game to play with him - we would get the references and he would have fun playing it...

Well all I can say is it really has demonstrated to me how much M has grown. I find the Starwars Wii game infuriating and difficult (I have never been good at these arcade games). M is actually far better at it than me. And he knows how bad I am. And tells me. He prefers to play with S. I have no idea how he does many of the things he does when playing the game, but if I ask him he explains in detail which buttons to press. And says things like "you can do it Mummy."

I knew a time would come when M would start to be better at things than me but I never thought it would be this early.

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