Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Déjà vu

Do you ever get those fleeting flash back memories?

I had one today as I walked to work. Tomorrow we have an election, a referendum and local elections. That realisation brought back the memory of almost a year ago - the General Election. My waters had broken the previous week and I had been released from hospital. We asked my Foetal Medicine Consultant if I could go to our local Polling Station to vote and he agreed. So on the day of the election I walked the very short walk to the Polling Station and voted.

I do not recall actually voting or walking home, but I do remember walking there.... The strange feeling that came with doing something I had barely done in the past week or so - walking very slowly - outside. It was normal. Yet I didn't feel normal.

And M came with me, and S and S's mother... The weather was good, warm I think.... And there was a policeman outside the Polling Station on a horse...

These are my strange glimpses of memories that I honestly haven't thought about in almost a year. No doubt I am going to get more in the months to come.

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