Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Thoughts on Christmas

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I was worried that I would find Christmas sad but I didn't. Yes there were moments when I was sad when I would think how we should have Orson with us and how he would be just a few months old but there were many more happy moments. Maybe I wasn't sad because I kept busy?

Christmas eve was very busy. I thought we would leave everything to do in one day including putting up Christmas decorations. We only just managed to get the house nice and Christmassy in time for us to pick M up from nursery in the afternoon.

Christmas Day was very busy too. Lots of presents to open. I loved watching M open his presents, it was the first year he got a visit from Father Christmas. He left a drink and some food out for Father Christmas and Rudolf the night before and was so happy to see they had gone. It was lovely seeing him so excited. In fact on second thoughts I think it was M that ensured I wasn't really sad this Christmas. It is amazing how the happiness of a two year old is infectious.

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