Monday, 2 August 2010

Orson's funeral

Nobody should have to have a funeral for their baby. We did. it is surreal, I cannot believe we had to do it. 30th July 2010 became the day we said good bye to our little Orson for the last time.

Here is the story of that day.

We thought it would take ages to get to the crematorium but forgot it was the school holidays, so we had loads of time to spare. We went for a walk around the grounds before hand. It was nice and peaceful there. Lots of trees. It was on a big hill and you could see the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Ashton Court, Clifton Village, you couldn't quite see our house but almost.

We were surprised that they brought Orson to the service in a black funeral car. I imagined he would already be there. I had been thinkng about it and getting so upset the day before. I was thinking about him leaving the hospital and how we should have been with him.

He had a very small light brown wooden coffin with brass coloured handles. There was a brass plaque on top with his name inscribed. They had put a white carnation on top.

Since it was just me and S the chaplain came right over to us and bent down so she could just do the service as if she was chatting to us. No idea what she said. Afterwards me and S went over to Orson, touched the coffin and said goodbye. We said we love him and that we were sorry.

The funeral only took about 10 minutes.

Afterwards we didn't want to leave immediately so walked around the grounds for ages before coming home. We went for lunch out and had a nice glass of red wine.

A very quiet simple funeral for our little baby.

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