Saturday, 21 August 2010

Nursery open day and my dire need to get in shape

Today they had an open day at M's nursery. I think they must have had them before but I have never been. It was space themed. They had really spent ages decorating the nursery, with rockets, aliens etc. M loved it, playing with glitter, torches in the dark, painting, eating cakes, he had helped cook the day before and playing in the ball pool. It was lovely as we could stay with him and of course we never normally get to do that.

Have I said they are moving M up to the preschool class in Sept? I can't believe it, seems too early! But I think he'll like it, he has had trial days there already and seems ok. Normally they move up when they are 3, but I think they have too many younger kids coming up to his current class and of course have other older children leaving and going to school.

There is a party for the children moving to preschool on Thursday. So I'm going to go along with M as it isn't his normal nursery day. I'm sure he'll like it.

We went to Birmingham for the night a week or so ago. S organized it. Never been before. It was nice to get away, although I was not at all excited about going away. It is hard to get excited about things since Orson died. They had a dinosaur exhibit on at the museum there. Lots of life sized dinosaurs moving etc. M loved it. He has been excited by dinosaurs ever since!

I finally got around to weighing myself today. Scary! I have about 3/4 stone to lose to get to the weight I was at Christmas when I found out I was pregnant. And to be honest I have been a lot lighter than that before. S unhelpfully pointed out cutting out chocolate etc might help! Trouble is when I'm feeling down I do tend to eat sweet things like chocolate and I tend to have lots of sad times right now... But am going to try and be stronger, and hopefully start doing some exercise too. Because I didn't move around for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy I just put on loads of weight. I found it easy to lose weight after M because I didn't put much on and I breastfed for ages. I want to figure out exercise that will help reduce the size of my stomach. I still look quite a bit pregnant, not great. I usually just do running which probably won't help too much for that area. Of course I have always been useless at getting motivated about exercise.

I really am very unfit though. Playing on the Wii with M this afternoon was exhausting. And according to the Wii I burnt hardly any calories!

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