Thursday, 10 February 2011

Raising awareness of stillbirth

The stillbirth of Amanda Holden's baby (see my last post) has meant that stillbirth has been discussed in the press more than normal recently. Raising awareness of stillbirth is fantastic. Here are links to three articles discussing stillbirth, all recently published. All are from papers I never normally read but a Google search of stillbirth news brought them up and I thought they were surprisingly good.

This article is written by somebody who experienced stillbirth years ago. I liked how she described her experience and said you never truly get over the experience despite what people think (and tell you):

This article describes some causes of stillbirth and explains that treatment of women who experience stillbirth has changed over the last twenty years in the UK:

This last article explains how babies are ten times more likely to be stillborn than die of cot death and examines why stillbirth is such a taboo subject despite it's frequency:

Finally while I am doing a really easy 'list of links post' here is a final link to a great website trying to raise awareness of stillbirth. The campaign known as Chloe's 'Count the Kicks' Campaign aims to encourage mothers to be very aware of their baby's movements and seek help if they are concerned. It is a great campaign that I support:

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  1. Thanks for the articles, Loumary! You are a brave woman to be writing about your journey and YES, IT IS CRITICAL to be raising awareness around this issue!

    Please feel free to visit my blog too:

    Thanks, Mo