Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thank you Google

Is Google a help or hindrance? I like to think a help but sometimes I wonder...

No matter what problem I have I Google it. I no longer know how I coped before the Internet. Is it sometimes it is unhelpful?

Nowadays we can all self diagnose illnesses and medical conditions thanks to Google. During all my pregnancies I have googled various things. But never "labour" or "birth" - I have never been that brave.

So what do I Google when pregnant? "chance of miscarriage," "bleeding," "discharge," "pain in abdomen when pregnant," and of course now "pprom" and "stillbirth." I am never going to be one of these women who Googles "what baby equipment should I buy?"

And what do I Google now when I am not pregnant? I find myself learning all about trying to conceive... Not the fun side of that but "Luteal phase," "signs of ovulation" and "chance of getting pregnant."

So I now know that my "Luteal phase" may be short (but not abnormally short) this may or may not affect my "chance of getting pregnant" and I may not actually know how long it is anyway because the "signs of ovulation" are hard to interpret. My "chance of getting pregnant" is 30% in a cycle and just about everything from drinking coffee to stress to possibly what colour socks I wear influences my chance.

Was it easier without Google? What do you think? Certainly I would have more time to spare if I didn't have Google...

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  1. Google is my friend and enemy. I go from googling a rather benign condition, and come back with a horrible, self diagnosed disease. BUT when my son was breathing 80-100 breaths per minute, I googled and discovered he needed medical intervention. So yes. Google is my friend and my enemy!